Who we are?

We are a team of professionals with a wide range of experience in various fields, which is united by a passion for changing the conventional European model of agriculture, and related industries. Above all, we want to support the transformation of companies from close fields from linear to circular production.

The transformation of agriculture and food industry in the Europe towards a sustainable model is possible, but only under certain conditions. Mainly thanks to our ability to work together as a society – in maintaining the traditions associated with food, and in the closer relationship between those who produce food and those who eat it. In other words, we need to create an alternative food network in Europe.

⦁ Our main goal:

To bring society back closer to harmony with nature. Thus, to ensure that quality (organic) food becomes a standard for everyone again, not just for the chosen part of society.

We want to achieve this our main goal by improving access to the landscape and agricultural land. The basic goal is to transform the soil so that it returns to a productive “living state”, otherwise there is a risk of permanent infertility.

Three steps of transformation

• The first step in transformation is to reduce the amount of chemistry in the soil. We want to achieve this through organic fertilizers and subsequently organic pesticides. Our ambition is for products to become “medicinal soil pills”.

• The second step is the implementation of the transition to organic farming through partners, consulting firms and agronomists.

Both of these processes (organic products, organic farming) will improve not only the soil but also the water care in the landscape.
The next stage is the improvement of food quality and, in cooperation with our partners, the transition from commodities to products with higher added value.

• The third step is to create an ecosystem of companies that will buy organic / organic products from farmers.
Please note: this approach is essentially focused on Czech Republic, the other countries shall have primarly the first step only.



⦁ Why are we doing this?

In recent decades, agricultural land has been depleted by extensive agriculture using chemicals, heavy machinery, monocultures and insufficient care for water and landscape management.
By simply changing fertilizers and pesticides, we quickly realize an immediate improvement in the condition of the soil in terms of chemical content, and we begin the healing process.
The level of „over-nitrification“ eutrophization is the highest in the Netherlands in Europe.

Synergies of activities:
Farmers who combine organic inputs (pesticides, fertilizers) with good ecological practices and ideally directly with complete organic farming or biodynamic farming (“bio” or “Demeter” – add logos) have a very positive impact on the landscape and the quality of food and drinking water in their surroundings.
Certified organic food which truly healthy and accessible is still a challenge accross Europe. One of the big problems is the use of unsustainable fertilizers and pesticides.