Our vision

We believe that agriculture is a part of a living ecosystem. Our key players are farmers, universities and R&D centers, AgTech innovative companies, agri-related NGOs and communities. These entities interact among themselves and provide feedback on a regular basis.

In this living ecosystem, farmers play pilot roles for the newest innovations. Thanks to this collaboration, the universities and R&D centers get feedback on their research very quickly and can immediately apply any necessary changes. In practice, this means that academia and research are constantly interacting with the business reality and focus their research based on real market needs.


  • We work to improve the quality of food and soil; we want to make “organic farming” a new standard in agriculture
  • We help agri-SMEs to become more resilient & sustainable: economically and environmentally
  • We want to launch our model in the Czech and Slovak Republic and later extend the transition to organic driven business of farmers beyond Europe.

Why we do it?

Problems and Opportunities

Hidden costs of “cheap industrial food” are extremely high – there is the need for a new solution

“Chemiculture” replaced agriculture & forestry

Climate change and planetary boundaries 

Farmers under pressure

Consumer demand 

Farm for Food


EU green deal+ NationalInitiatives