Who are we?



We are a team of experts with a broad range of experience in multiple fields joined by a shared passion for introducing new standards in agriculture and related sectors. We want to support the transformation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from linear to circular production.

Our goal is a shift from commodities to higher value-added products. We consider farmers our partners in reaching these objectives. We want to dedicate our effort to improve the quality of food and soil:

Make “organic farming” a new standard in agriculture. 

The element of sustainability will not be an added value, it will become a pre-condition for running a business.

Facts about agriculture

The main consequence of overuse of nitrate-based fertilizers is eutrophication of soil. When fertilizers’ and animal use concentrated in large volumes, it can create so-called “dead zones”, where no fauna or flora can survive (see examples of scientific research below).

According to a scientific report from the European Commission, approximately 65-75% of land in the EU is contaminated with too much nitrate*. If the soil does not improve, there will be a natural decline in agricultural yields in the coming years.


We believe that education is the key to bringing growth and progress into society. By helping children to get an education we don’t only help these children and their families,  but we also help the whole society. The more people are educated, the more they can provide a beneficial contribution to communities and the environment.

The lack of technical equipment prevents many children from poor families from participating in distance education. These children do not have access to the education guaranteed by law during the current pandemic.
Four Leaves Agro® is excited about Nora Fridrichova’s initiative – laptops for children with single parents. It’s great to see an initiative that helps both in the short and long term.
Four Leaves donated 12 laptops from their own resources and started a campaign to promote this initiative among its partners.

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Four Leaves Agro® is a commercial name of the company Crystal Clear Data BV, The Netherlands.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Prague, Czech Republic

+420 702 213 695

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