Four Leaves Agro® is an active participant in a holistic acceleration program Climate Challenge organized by the highly credible Impact Hub Business Service in Prague.

The structured support of mentors, access to a large pool of advisors and media coverage will help us to finetune our launch in the Czech Republic.


Why this program:

Final production by farmers or related small industrial producers represents circular economy in agriculture and supply chains within the framework of the EU Green Deal’s Farm2fork.

  • Farmers will provide food to the final consumer: i.e., cheese instead of milk as a raw commodity which is often produced in the Czech Republic and sold to Germany
  • Impact: limited transport greenhouse gas emissions, no import of final products and local transport close to zero
  • Fewer or no chemicals used: lower impact on the environment
  • Fewer resources (water etc.) used
  • Improved soil management (i.e., no pesticides)
  • Using the latest technologies from the Netherlands to increase efficiency of agriculture
  • Improved food security


We believe that education is the key to bringing growth and progress into society. By helping children to get an education we don’t only help these children and their families, but we also help the whole society. The more people are educated, the more they can provide a beneficial contribution to communities and the environment.
The lack of technical equipment prevents many children from poor families from participating in distance education. These children do not have access to the education guaranteed by law during the current pandemic.
Four Leaves Agro® is excited about Nora Fridrichova’s initiative – laptops for children with single parents. It’s great to see an initiative that helps both in the short and long term.
Four Leaves donated 12 laptops from their own resources and started a campaign to promote this initiative among its partners.

Circular Economy’s Whitepaper

Our Four Leaves consultant on Circular Economy, Juan Martin Espinosa Mendoza, is working on a white paper to address Circular Economy applied to the agriculture, forestry and aquaculture sectors in the Czech Republic. Together, it is known as Bioeconomy.

We will present insights into the opportunities and limitations for the transition towards sustainability in the Czech landscape. 

What are we aiming for?

  • Joining forces to make Circular Czechia a reality at the most basic level: food, water and nature
  • Prospects for the race towards Circular Czechia, closing the nutrient loops
  • Providing tools for the shift towards Circular Bioeconomy in the Czech landscape
  • Talking more “circular” in Czechia, raising awareness of the human impact on nature
  • Remaining constructive in what we as society in this country can do